Our smoking starts early on the morning and we smoke all day, we use local oak from Kinver Edge which we get off the National Trust, its well seasoned hardwood, mostly oak but we have chestnut, apple, pear and other hardwoods.  There is a different taste to the smoke but why import hickory when we have all the woods around us to help us give you the flavour of the beautiful woods already grown around here.

The chefs then load up with 100 ribs after we have dressed them rubbed them in our spices they have to be placed in seperated to ensure the smoke licks all the ribs and each one has our unique smoked flavour

The Chefs then spray the ribs wings and butt during the day with cider to help with the moisure, obviously the wings don't take as long as the meat is not as dense and we want to keep them succulent.  Wings have a pink ring when cooked and can also have a purple look to the bone, they are cooked its just the way the smoke penetrates the wing.  Once the smoke ring is there it wont smoke any more so certain meats are brought into the kitchen and then put into the rationale ovens to finish.